Route G
Riding South to North 

Bedford County

Starting point: on Pennsylvania Rt. 96 
at Maryland State Line
S through Stringtown
S through Palo Alto
RL at Hyndman, continue on Rt. 96
LR at Willis Creek, continue on Rt. 96
S through Gravel Pit Station
S through Madley
S through Bard
S through Buffalo Mills
S through Mannís Choice, now on Rt. 31.
S through Napier
BR onto Rt. 30
S through Wolfsburg, continue on Rt. 30
BR onto SR 4010 into Bedford
S onto Pitt Street
L onto North Richard (Business 220)
BR onto SR 56
S onto SR 4009
S onto SR 869
BR onto SR 4009
S through King on SR 4009

Enter Blair County

S on SR 3013
RL onto County Road in Sproul
S through Claysburg on County Road
R onto Johnstown Road (SR 2010) in East Freedom
L in McKee onto Cedar Street (?) (SR 2010?)
R onto SR 36/164
BL onto SR 36 above Roaring Spring
S onto SR 36 (SR 164 peels off to the east)
L onto SR 2006
L onto SR 2004
L onto SR 866
S through Martinsburg
S through Barbara
S through Clappertown
S through Royer
R onto First Street in Williamsburg
S to Lower Trail trailhead parking at First and Liberty Streets
Take Lower Trail to town of Alfarata

Enter Huntingdon County

L onto SR 22 in Alfarata
BR onto SR 453 in Water Street
BR onto SR 45
R at tee intersection (continue on SR 45) at Spruce Creek
S through Spruce Creek
S through Colerain Forge
S through Franklinville
BR on SR 45 through Seven Stars
S through Graysville

Enter Centre County

S through Rockspring
S through Pine Grove Mills on SR 45/26
BR onto SR 45
S through Shingletown
S at junction with Business 322 onto SR 3010 (Boalsburg Rd.)
R onto SR 2004 in Oak Hall
L onto SR 2006 (Rock Hill Road) at Linden Hall
R onto 2006 above Linden Hall
S onto Church Street in Centre Hall
S onto SR 192 in Centre Hall
L onto SR 880 at Rebersburg (detour route, effective April-Aug, 2000)
R onto SR 2002 at Tylersville (detour route, effective April-Aug, 2000)
R onto SR 64 at Nittany

Enter Clinton County

S on SR 64 through Lamar
S on SR 64 through Cedar Springs
R on SR 150 in Mill Hall
S on SR 150 into Lock Haven. Follow one way couplet in Lock Haven.
(northbound use ______Street to SR 150, southbound, use________street)
S through Dunnstown on SR 150
S through Chatham Run
S through Avis on Central Avenue (SR 150)
S onto SR 1016
L onto SR 44

Enter Lycoming County

S on SR 44 through Tomb
S on SR 44 through Ramsey
S on SR 44 through Waterville
BR onto SR 414 above Waterville
S on SR 414 through Jersey Mills
S on SR 414 through Blue Stone
S on SR 414 through Cammal
S on SR 414 through Ross
S on SR 414 through Slate Run
S on SR 414 through Hilborn
R at Rattlesnake Rock Parking Area onto the Pine Creek Rail-Trail
S on Pine Creek Rail-Trail to Darling Run Parking Area
R across Darling Run Parking Area to gravel road out of parking lot and onto SR
R onto SR 6
L onto SR 287 above Stokesdale
S on SR 287 through Niles Valley
S on SR 287 through Middlebury Center
S on SR 287 through Holiday
S on SR 287 through Brooklyn
L on SR 287 in Tioga
S on SR 287 to junction with SR 15
S on SR 15 after junction
S on SR 15 through Tioga Junction
S on SR 15 through Lawrenceville

Exit Pennsylvania




























































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